We have been informed that the installation of TSEP might not work and cause serious problems nowadays (as April 2015).

Please note 

  • that TSEP has not been developed since 2011!
  • that there is no one who can help you if you encounter any problems!
  • there is absolutely no support!
  • TSEP has been developed for (now old) MySQL and PHP versions!
  • that there are security issues (read documentation).

Still want to Download?

You can download directly from here or open the SourceForge project page if you prefer to choose the version yourself.

TSEP has reached version 1.x! From now on: Use the downloadpage Launchpad Page (only until version 0.942: SourceForge files page)

Latest Releases:

  • 2011-05-05, 1.1 release from the 1.x series
  • 2011-03-14, 0.960 release from the 1.x series

System requirements

The only thing you need is a web server, MySQL (>version 4 for Boolean search operators), PHP and of course TSEP. MySQL 4.1 or higher recommended.

Call to all TSEP users:

Please email screenshots (JPG or PNG format) of your TSEP implementation to us. We will publish them on our website. Please understand, that we will review the link and the page from time to time. We take the right not to publish all pictures and links and to remove them from our website again.

Do you know sites that have reviewed TSEP? Please let us know.